Entrepreneurs as well as medium-sized and large companies and their employees can be confronted with criminally relevant facts at any time – be it as the injured party or as the affected party or as the accused in fine or criminal proceedings.

We advise and represent you preventively and in every phase of criminal proceedings. A particular focus of our criminal law representation lies in the intersections of labour law and criminal commercial law, including defence in criminal tax and insolvency cases. Our core areas of expertise are:

  • We defend and advise individuals in preliminary proceedings, intermediate proceedings and in the main hearing
  • We provide preventive advice and advise in the run-up to relevant decisions to avoid criminal and property law risks
  • We assume the consultation and representation of companies in criminal and administrative offence proceedings against them or their employees
  • We organize and coordinate the defence when criminal proceedings are conducted against various employees of the company
  • We undertake the consultation and defence of companies and their employees in criminal and administrative offence proceedings directed against them

Sedlatzek lawyers work in all areas of criminal commercial law, in particular in:

  • Criminal employment law
  • Criminal fiscal law
  • Criminal insolvency law
  • Criminal corporate law
  • Criminal corruption law
  • Criminal doctor and medical law
  • Criminal banking and capital markets
  • Professional and disciplinary measures law
  • Corporate compliance

Basically, therefore the following applies to all criminal proceedings: Contact us as early as possible and please do not furnish any details about the case without speaking to us!

For this reason, we offer you an EMERGENCY number: 0160 – 94960802, under which we are available to you outside of office hours.